Tarek's message about his book Rich Mind Poor Mind

How the Law of Attraction makes you rich by focusing your energy to change and improve your life the way you want.

In this book you will learn how to apply the law of attraction and action to get your dreams to come to reality.

I share my knowledge about how to achieve Health, Wealth, Happiness, Wisdom and Love and i share my formula to success.

Enjoy this book and it will truly inspire your to get ahead in life.

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Rich Mind Poor Mind: Your Path To Success

Achieve a higher level of success faster

Once you decide what you want to improve in your life, you need the perfect formula and the tools to get your dreams to come true.

In Rich Mind Poor Mind Book, Tarek Haddad’s knowledge has helped, inspire and motivate a lot of people. He leads you to be, do and have anything you want.

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what People are saying ...

“One of the most valuable things about this book is that Tarek gives us a lot of different amazing processes to achieve our goals. No matter where you are, everyone can make it as Tarek did. Everyone should read it“

Mohammed Sabbah

“Rich mind poor mind is one of the most inspirational book I’ve read. As I was reading it, it was hard to stop at certain point!

The way Tarek writes is very engaging and I highly recommend it. Tarek’s journey is an example of how a rich mind can overcome any poor experience we might face while we’re reaching our best course.”

Merna Matta

“Usually it takes me month or two to read any book.
Rich mind poor mind it took me three days to finish it, its the deep honest summary for how to be successful in all you life directions, because if you have a rich mind you will know how to creat a rich life.
Great amazing eye opening book.”

Husam maayah

“Personal happiness. Creative fulfillment. Professional success. Freedom from fear. A new promise of JOY. We have the ability at our fingertips to achieve these things. And, in his masterpiece “Rich Mind Poor Mind,” Tarek Haddad shows us how.

For Mr. Haddad, it began with a mindset shift and an airline ticket to the West from his native Jordan where his life had been planned for him from the dawn of time. He dared to envision something different, something bigger than himself. And, he marveled as each one of his visualizations came to fruition.

Join Mr. Haddad on a journey to discovering and implementing The Law of Attraction in your own life and watch your dreams unfold. This book offers the secrets to a well-lived life and it begins with our own thinking.

Inspirational. Motivational. One to keep at your fingertips and refer back to – often – throughout your journey.”

Kathryn Trestain

Joe mojtaba

“It’s a very nice, inspiring and encouraging book. It touched me personally as I lived a similar experience as the author. This book will change the way you see the world and you will believe that achieving your dreams is doable.”
Oday Abushalbaq

“This is a great book, I enjoyed these profound and extremely practical life experiences.

It is an inspiring and motivational book where you can find a very interesting guide to personal achievements and constructive feedback.

If you need to enact change in your life, this book will be perfect to pull inspiration and tactics from.

I appreciate Tarek for sharing his life experiences and his knowledge to help others to accomplish anything.

It is really powerful and practical way of how to apply the Law Of Attraction in our lives. I highly recommend this book.”

Laila Haddad

“A truly inspirational book which will encourage you to reflect on your life and take a deeper look at your inner self. This book will help you to discover what you really want in your life and help you to reach your life goals. In his book, Tarek talks about how his determination in life got him what he wanted, in both his personal and professional life and how he grew both areas bigger and better. He explains how people can improve their everyday lives by applying the law of attraction to attract wealth, health and happiness. I really enjoyed reading this book and would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a life changing perspective.”