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7 Reasons Why You Can Not Achieve Your Dreams

For sure, you have a lot of dreams, but when it comes to achieving them, you need to follow a formula. It is not easy to be successful, and achieve your dreams. It is all about mindset and modeling your way of doing things. Maybe you do not know that you must take massive action to turn your goals into reality.

Becoming successful depends on you and your hard work. The path for success is full of many obstacles that you need to overcome, surround yourself with the right people who have the same motivational energy. This article offers the 7 Reasons Why You Can Not Achieve Your Dreams. 

“Your life is a reflection of your own beliefs and mindsets.” – Tarek Haddad

Here are 7 Reasons Why You Can Not Achieve Your Dreams. 

 1. Not believing in yourself:

All the success stories in our history start with believing in oneself. It is the key and the whole story. Having a dream, and overall, be sure that you will make it real. If others did it, you can do it.

Have faith, and all the rest will follow. If you do not believe in yourself, no one else will do. 

2. Have no goals:

What makes you create a distance from your dreams is you do not have goals to follow, or you have, but they are not specific. The second step to get your destination is to have a road to drive.

Write your goals down, describe them, be enthusiastic about them, have a burning desire for them, give your attention to them. 

What do you want? Most people do not take it seriously. You should follow a strategy or a plan that it works, but if not, develop another one till you succeed.

Pay attention that each goal should have a purpose and value. Because if not, it is wasting your time. Remember that any goal is unmeasurable.

So, the most important thing you must do is to make sure that your goals are specific and clear. Do not afraid to dream big. It is your birthright.

3. Fear to act: 

“I believe that the only courage anybody ever needs is the courage to follow your own dreams” – Oprah Winfrey

 “And if it does not work” this famous sentence, have doubts is always prevents anyone from realizing their dreams. When it comes to acting, the fear controls you and stops you from acting, no worries if you fail many times. To overcome this fear, ask yourself one question:

“What is the worst thing that will happen if I fail?” take a deep breath and think about it seriously. Practice this skill as much as you can, because it is decisive to set your mind how to react to wrong decisions, and it will also give you self-confidence and motivate you to try without calculating each step and prevent you from taking a high risk.

Being afraid will always block you from doing anything you want. Therefore, control it, not the contrary. Keep it in your mind that fear is just a thought. 

Here are some ways to overcome the fear, surrounded yourself with motivated people. Listen to motivational audio, videos, and overall read many books. 

4. Focusing on nothing:

focus on your success

When you focus 100% on what you want, you will find all the solutions for problems, and the universe gives you all the answers you search for. Trust yourself. Give yourself all the time you need. 

Think, act, and focus on how to follow the plan. How to work smarter, do not waste time to give yourself excuses. 

5. Not trying to change habits:

“Very often a change of self is needed more than a change of scene.” 

Arthur Christopher Benson 

If you do not change things in your life, nothing will change, and you will give up and will leave your goals. It comes to the hard part of your journey for success that means getting out of your comfort zone. It is crucial to change the way to react to any small problem you face.

Changing habits could be the name of the challenges you are facing. To grow in any field of your life, you need to learn new things. So, changing any bad routine you live is essential to avoid being a failure.

Once you set your goals, then you start your journey to accomplish any success. First: decide to change some bad habits that hold you back. A lot of people do not ever try to change any of them.

If you want to become a writer, for example, you should stop watching a lot of movies that you like. It is better to read many books. The first step is to change your bad habits and transform them in good time, to follow a plan or strategies. Or maybe work more to get close to what you want.

 6. Impatient and lack of resilience:                        

Anything you want to create for sure it needs time. So, give your dreams time to shine, because not all people can be patient. Be different and challenge yourself first. 

Be determined and be resilient are impressive skills. Try to mix them to go forward to your dreams. Do not give up so fast. 

7. Giving excuses: 

Achieve Your Dreams

Do not worry if you give yourself excuses from time to time, and you feel tired. Many justifications are valid, but others will keep you far from what you want, then you will leave your goals.

To improve self-discipline is putting an end to making excuses.

It is all about taking the risk and accept responsibility. Define the most important thing that matters for you and focus on it with all your energy.

Excuses are a distraction for you, focus on what you want all the time. Do whatever it takes to arrive at your destination.

Why you give up easily

When you are trying once and fail, not being consistent, have no motivations, give many excuses, not being patient, and give no time to achieve your dreams. All that will lead you to leave all your dreams behind you.

 You need to know that all the ingredients together make a delicious plat. Therefore, try to mix them to get your dreams to come true.

There is no luck or magic. Setting goals, hard work, self-confidence, be consistent, being focused, believe in yourself, and having a burning desire of what you want.

All that is the fuel for anything you want to create. And the motivation that pushes you to accomplish it.

achieving your goalsWhat you should do? Try to avoid all these 7 reasons, so you can achieve your dreams. And remember that once you are aware of the fears and beliefs going on within you that stop you from your success, then you can start to identify ways to work through them. 

Keep trying again and again till you do it. So, Goodluck

“You are what you do not what you say you’ll do.”

-Carl. Jung

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