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How To Change A Habit

Every one of us should be fully a life, should be glad to get out of his bed in the morning to live a life that he wants. You should make your time here an exciting adventure. How many times you decide to change a habit because as we all know that it’s hard to break. But how you want to do that.

“ Awareness of your emotions, your daily habits and routines, and the way that you think of things is key to shifting yourself from autopilot.”- Tarek Haddad

Here are some steps that can help you to change any habit:

1.Define your undesirable habit

All habits have a purpose even bad habit has his motive. When you decide to change a habit it means that you’re not feeling happy about doing it or you feel uncomfortable. but by changing it, you will feel a better person, have high self-confidence. All that means “ a meaningful personal transformation.”

You have to recognize your undesirable habit, be aware of it. Write down what do you want to change, and knowing why you want to change will motivate you.

“chains of habit are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken.”- Warren Buffett

2. Create motivation

 Once you recognize what it is that’s causing your problems, try to think about why you engage in that behavior. Every habit gives you something that you enjoy, Sometimes recognizing your motivation will push you to break any habit or start a new one.

3. Be patient

  Give yourself enough time, habit means doing something automatically, studies show that the time you need to change any habit is 21 days. Don’t be in a hurry,

If you want to learn to play the piano or even play tennis you will practice them every day to be good enough to enjoy your time doing something new. It’s the Same for bad habits like stop smoking, maybe drinking less coffee, it could be anything. Therefore, time is one of the most important keys to get any improvements. Don’t give up easily to be consistent.

4. Be obsessed

You must become obsessed with this new habit; you have to train your mind to do it over and over again to get results because you have to think about it. It’s not enough to just do it once. Remember that memory is systemizing things over and over again.

5. You have the power to change

change habit

Practicing a new habit depends on you. The way to make changes in your life starts with thinking then acting.

So you have to think about things you want to change, you have to do it and you will become the person who did it. But remember that what’s inside you represents what the outside.

You think that something outside of yourself has to happen to feel good, to internally feel successful. It’s the contrary, It’s all inside you, you create anything you want.

But here is the trick, try your best to be, do and think. “Fake it till you make It.” or “Dress for the job you want not the job you have.”

6. Have a vision of yourself

Have a vision of how you want to be, but overall have a passion, willing yourself to change isn’t enough. Keep this vision alive don’t give attention to anything in the world or yourself to pull you down.

You should literally train your mind that you can do it and it’s going to work, and have an emotional charge behind that will.

Remember that you have an amazing version of yourself inside you, your job is just to chip away at the marble, to step into your greatness and when you do it consistently over and over again, you will be what you want because habits are your personality.

So, take care of your actions and your thoughts. And overall pick a good habit that makes you happy.

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