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12 Steps That Help You Be Consistent

Be consistent is extremely hard because some days you are very motivated, and other days you are completely drained. How can you be consistent and motivated? Here are 12 steps to do that.

Changing routine, habits or anything might be challenging and needs time, determination, and patience, so here are some powerful steps that will help you achieve this while having fun during the process.

Here are 12 powerful steps to help you be consistent:

1- Take the decision to start new habits

You have to take a decision to start a new habit, If not, you will be postponing this step to the next day, or to the next month and it ends with you not doing anything to realize what you want to change, so you stay in the same place and have the same habit.

Believe in your capacity to change anything in your life. Developing a good habit gives you the power to feel like you can do anything because changing a habit it ‘s not easy at all.

So jump and don’t be afraid. If you even fail to try over and over to succeed.

2- You should have a goal

Therefore, to be consistent is to try to create a simple and easy one at the beginning to have good results, because if you choose a big goal to start, it will make you frustrated.

The ideal way is to start with a small thing. Once you understand the mechanism of being consistent, you will be happy about the accomplishment you did.

In addition, you will be more motivated to change anything in your life.

3- Be determined and consistent about what you want

By giving focus on it, be aware of it, and repeat the actions related to that goal. Step by step you will reach it.

To be sure you are not forgetting any task,  remind yourself throughout the day, put messages to yourself in visible areas.

Ask yourself if you’re doing it in the right way, if not, don’t worry and be consistent to reach what you aimed for.

Don’t be sad if you repeat it thousands of times or you forget to do it. Keep going if you make a mistake.

It could be like following a diet, and you have to lose weight, for that, you have to change your way of eating, maybe you are a person who loves the sweets.

So you start eliminating them but this is a huge goal, in that way it will make you feel so sad, but if you start reducing sweets gradually, for sure you will feel satisfied with what are you doing even it is a small action.

Always remember that you’re doing it to feel happy and to be a better vision of yourself.

something needs to change

4- Changing Your Way of Thinking

Give yourself time to see changes. Whenever you try to establish new habits, understand that it can take time.

It normally takes 21 days of consistently doing something to make a new habit.

You have to understand that your brain works on repetitions, the more you practice the more result you will get.

5- Try to write down your daily goals

The to-do-list helps you make sure that you did them all at the end of the day.

Use a calendar or an application for scheduling your time and give yourself more time to finish your tasks during the day.

be consistent

6- It’s important to feel productive

Every time you conclude anything with success,  it gives you self-confidence consequently. When you work on a project and it gets proved or you study hard for an exam and you pass, you will feel excited and proud, and it also gives you positive energy that you’re on the right path and a happy feeling that there is a result of your actions.

7- Set up a time for each task

Put limits to everything you want to accomplish, if you want to finish reading a new book, just put time for that, like reading for 10 or 30 mints every day by using a timer.

It is so important that you organize your time in its best way and in a useful way. To do that give each task a limited time to finish it, use a timer to reorder your day, following this rule it will give value for every minute of your time, and you feel productive and you will accomplish a lot of things in one day imagine that you’re doing it in a week.

8- Do things that you love and inspire you

It is very essential that you need to make progress in changing anything, you should feel excited and content doing it.

Of course, you will feel lazy sometimes, for that stay calm and don’t worry we all have these moments, therefore relax and take time off to recharge.

Consistency doesn’t mean that you are working all of the time.

9- Be healthy

You need to sleep well and eat well it is so important to charge your body and your mind to get things done.

Meditation is a powerful way to relax your thoughts and start your day or listening to music that you love, you can listen to music while you’re working.

Have a walk when you’re confused, it helps you to be free and gives you time to think. Daily walking can act as a form of meditation. and it will reduce stress.

10- Watch motivational videos and  read books about it

There is a lot of movies and videos that can inspire you and help you to stay motivated.

Books are always a powerful way to stay aligned with your positive reasons to achieve your goal.

11- Stay away from negative thoughts

Pay attention to your thinking, when you do notice negative thoughts, turn them around or introduce a more positive thought. In this way, you will be consistent in focusing all your energy on positive thoughts.

When you start a workout and you do not get any result, you quit immediately, so be patient and give yourself time.

12- Focus on what you want

It’s not easy to apply all these rules but try this for one hour or a day and write all the things that you’ve done starting with a smaller step.

Just start a new thing for one day and continue for the next day. And keep going until one week has passed and then a month.

You will be more confident once move from day to day and you feel the progress. Definitely what you started will become a part of your daily routine.

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