why setting goals

Why setting goals is so important

Setting goals is powerful and it’s the first step to success and accomplishments. Here are 6 steps about why setting goals is so important.

“If you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time.”

-Zig Ziglar

Setting Goals is the first step to start our journey to get to where we want to arrive, goals are the fuel for our achievements.

Without dreams we can’t get anywhere, we will be stuck in the same place and we will live the same experience. We will take the same decisions and we will follow the same path.

Goals give us the power, energy, and determination to arrive at our final destination.

“Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.”

Tony Robbins

Why setting goals? What is the power of setting them?

We can’t travel if we don’t know where to go. In life is the same, without setting goals, it’s like there is no clear destination.

map final destinationImagine we want to go to New York, we should drive to arrive there no matter

what it takes, if it’s raining or it’s sunny, it’s day or it’s night, we’re tired or we feel

good, we don’t care if we have a small car or a big one, we have already taken the decision

and we just go.

Here are the most important reasons why we should set goals:

  1. They inspire us

    and give us positive energy, it is highly motivational. It makes us feel happy to start our day or to start any project we are planning to achieve our goals and make life more interesting.

2.  Makes us able to focus on what is important for us. It reminds us of what we need to concentrate on. It will help us to reach our desired destination.

3.  Forces us to be specific, in this way we can prioritize and organize our life better. we define exactly what we desire.

4.  Makes us grow, expand, and develop ourselves by learning a new thing, or do things we have never done before. Besides, it helps us be the best person we can be, encourages us to leave our comfort zone and accomplish great things.

We will be able to use the gifts and talents that we possess. It stretches our limits.

5. With goals we create the future in advance, by knowing where to go it gives us a clear set of actions to follow.

Knowledge gives us security and a sense of accomplishment, it builds confidence so that we can create our destiny, and shape our lives.

We will have all things that make us happy, it’s like we are being the painter and we are drawing everything that we want.

6. We save time when we have well-defined goals, it helps to prevent us from losing our way and wasting precious time. And time is the most precious commodity we have.

What will happen if we don’t set goals

We may be surprised that many people do not identify their dream life. They go through life without knowing what will make them truly happy. Setting goals forces us to think about how we want to live life the way we want, and what we want to achieve.

We will always live in our comfort zone, we think life is what we’ve got and that’s why we limit ourselves, that’s why we should know where to go.

But why we don’t set them

  1. We don’t know what we want.
  2. many people are scared.
  3. others are lazy.

If we have a spectacular vision of ourselves, of what we’re going to accomplish, it will be easy to set goals and it will be an incredible experience.

Let’s enjoy the journey, so we can achieve our goals. Love every step we do and have fun doing whatever we want.

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