How To Control Our Feelings

How wonderful it is to find a way that we can control our feelings and choose to feel happy, as the proverb says “Cool heads prevail.”

Do we believe that we can choose the way we feel?

Our feelings determine our life, Sometimes a cup of coffee will change our mood, some people need a song to change a bad day, others need meditation to empty their mind from the crowded life, others need a walk to feel free and a lot of people can’t control their emotions.

Do we really need anything outside our bodies to change our emotions?

No, we do need nothing, it’s just thoughts!! Of course, we can control our feelings by controlling every thought in our mind, some people will say that it’s impossible.

We have thousands of thoughts running through our mind in just an hour, imagine for the whole day!

How to control our feelings:

The secret is in one simple question, we need to ask ourselves what are we really feeling right now?

Life is made of moments that we live right now, it’s our present, so don’t live in the past, or in the future, live the now.  The one who can master the emotions can master the actions too.

What we feel is the measure for our thoughts

Above all, we should focus on our emotions in order to change our thoughts. Focusing on the positive will empower us to influence the subconscious mind, the very important thing is that we should believe that we deserve the best in life.

Everyone knows that emotions affect the body. When we are happy, for instance, the corners of our mouth turn up automatically, and the edges of our eyes crinkle in a characteristic expression: the state of the body affects emotions. 

Studies show that when our face smiles, our brain reacts in kindness—we experience more pleasant emotions. Breathing, in particular, has a special power over the mind.

sheep- cup of coffee - feeling goodThe most important thing is to understand that nothing happens without actions. Emotions and feelings are alive and will make the life of their own once we activated them within us.

How we can free ourselves from negative emotions right now?

Here is a simple way to feel better instantly and increase our happiness as well as our power and ability to manifest. Eliminate the words ” we should;  we must; we need; ” Replace them with: we could; we choose to. If we did this for just one day, we would feel a power that we never knew we had.

We have the power to choose, create and we also can control our minds and thoughts. Do not be deceived into believing that our mind and thoughts control us and our emotions. No matter what, we always have complete dominion and supreme authority over our experience, our life, our emotions, and our universe.

Ways that help to control our feelings

Here are 12 ways to change our feelings:
  1. Try to smile all the time, even if you are alone maybe it’s a strange thing to do, but do it no matter what is. just force yourself to smile.
  2. Appreciate all you have in your life.
  3. Write down all of your accomplishments and successes even if they are small.
  4. Try to be positive, I know it’s difficult but, where you are in a  temporary time; it’s not going to rain all the time.
  5. Switch up your routine by trying new things and different things.
  6. Go for a walk outside; be in nature it helps a lot.
  7. Listen to music, sing, dance, and play an instrument.
  8. Do what you love.
  9. Eat something you love.
  10. Read about things that inspire you and help you to feel better.
  11. Watch videos that make you laugh.
  12. Finally spend time with people that you love.

two kids setting on bridge, feeling simple with country life

so, we can choose any step we want and try to do it every day, as the law of attraction works – like attracts like.

Therefore, we attract everything we want, being aware of this helps us and it becomes easy to choose our thoughts and we can control our emotions. To sum up: 

Feeling good is a choice

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