Luck Meaning

Luck Meaning

Many times we ask ourselves a lot of questions about luck, what is it? and do we believe in luck or consider ourselves lucky? Read more to know about luck meaning.

Luck meaning: what should you know?

Someone calls it fate, someone calls it an act of God, someone calls it synchronicity, someone calls it the good luck. What does luck mean?

The psychologist Carl Jung describes luck as a synchronicity and as a meaningful coincidence.

Is luck just a wrong way of understanding how the universe operates? Do we create our own luck?

1- Some are against it

Luck is no incident. If we want something, we can create it. In fact, if we feel unlucky, we are creating that as well. We are the creator of our own life and experience. The universe operates by laws and order, not by luck.

There are coincidences and everything happens as a result of universal laws. And when we start using these laws to our advantage, it may seem to others that we’re lucky, or that our life is filled with magic fortune!

We all give into superstitions when the day becomes dark, we say things to make ourselves feel better. We really do create stories about good luck and bad luck.

2- Some believe that we can’t control luck

Hard work equal good luck

Richard Branson makes an interesting contribution when he says: “Success From Hard Work Is Not ‘Luck’”

Luck is the result of hard work and comes when preparation meets opportunity. So, “desire + Hard work + actions ” are equally important for success, because our desire, hard work and actions are things that we can control while luck is out of control.

Therefore, what we have to do is simply, get a firm hold on what is in our control, and let the rest in the hands of the one who controls the whole world, the universe laws.

3- Others believe in luck

Gary Player one of the all-time golf greats, who famously said, “The harder I practice, the luckier I get.”

Hammers and nails The harder I practice, the luckier I get."

The first secret of getting lucky, and remaining lucky for life, is to decide precisely what we want, then as a result we attract what we want. Luck is believing we are lucky.

Therefore,This attitude helps most people stay positive and optimistic no matter what.

“Shallow men believe in luck, strong men believe in cause and effect.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

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