Rich Mind Poor Mind Book

Tarek Haddad released his new book “Rich Mind Poor Mind”

Tarek Haddad has just published his new book, Rich Mind Poor Mind, and you can find it on Amazon now.

Rich Mind Poor Mind talks about Tarek’s journey and his personal experiences demonstrate how critical it is to focus on our thoughts, to achieve our goals and dreams, knowing that nothing is impossible.

This book is dedicated to all of you, and also for who would like to learn how to grow their lives. You will find the answers in the book, because it contains a lot of powerful teaching.

It is a book where you can find all the practical techniques you need to make your dreams come true, this book is also a summarize of long 13 years of a journey to success.

Tarek’s started his journey with getting a visa to Canada, facing every kind of challenges and struggle’s, but overall learning how to apply the Law of Attraction, changing your beliefs, have a rich mind full of visions and have strong faith to transform the invisible to visible.

Haddad says: “I wrote this book to share my successful story needed to be told, I encourage you to read these words carefully and apply them instantly.

You’re about to read and experience a whole new world on a life changing journey offered to you by Tarek”, and he adds: “If you want to buy my book it’s available on amazon or you can visit our website Richmindpoormind.ca”.

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